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First Day of School is August 16, 2021.            Enjoy your Summer!
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Hydration Station Fundraiser

We would like to promote life long healthy habits for our students, staff, visitors, and the community by getting into the habit of drinking water instead of sugary drinks. This would allow everyone to stop using so much plastic and keep hydrated with good-tasting, filtered water throughout the day. 
The many health benefits of regular water consumption include: balanced electrolyte levels, proper digestion, helps avoid overeating and sugary drinks (linked to poor health outcomes, like obesity), replenishes fluids lost through exercise (important especially after our recess walking/running club, that is encouraging kids to be more active at recess)
We would like to ask your assistance in getting one (1)  hydration station that will be located at our school.  Please help us by contributing and/or sharing this donation campaign to your network of friends and family.  Every little bit helps us get to our goal of $1750!
Together we can make a difference in the lives of Hellyer Elementary School students and we thank you in advance for your support! (you can click the headline above to go directly to the page or the button widget at the bottom of this page.
some stats: 
Single station bottle filling and drinking fountain combo with self-contained ADA cooler
Lead-free Bottle Filler and Fountain
Sanitary, no-touch, sensor activation with automatic 20 second shut-off timer
Integrated Silver Ion Anti-microbial Protection in key areas
Easy-Touch push-bar controls on front, left and right sides
Real drain system eliminates standing water
Visual user interface display includes Green Ticker that counts the quantity of bottles saved from the landfill.
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