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Welcome back to school!  We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Break!
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About G.W. Hellyer School » Closed Campus Policy

Closed Campus Policy

Hellyer is a closed campus.

No one is to be on our campus without first clearing through the office. Every person employed by our District is expected to enforce the closed campus policy. Authorized persons are those who have been cleared through the office and have been given a Visitors, or Guest (Substitute) Teacher badge. Send any unauthorized person(s) to the office. Do not permit someone to wait around school for his/her child, brother, or sister.

All strangers and teenagers must be directed to leave the campus or must be sent to the office for a badge. The protection of the students, staff and property is of the highest priority. The following need to happen to ensure that safety:

  1. A parent letter sent home to parents about the closed campus policy.

  2. The staff will monitor and enforce the policy where possible.

  3. If a stranger refuses to leave campus, call the office immediately. Try to get as much information as possible so that identification can be made.

  4. Teachers need to advise students of these rules.

  5. The procedure known as “The Code Red Drill” will be in place and practiced on a regular basis. See Code Red Drill (pg. 25).